Exemplary Food Service

Founded in 2013, Texas Food Brands, LLC is a privately owned and operated food protein company. Texas Food Brands serves as a sales and marketing component for USDA inspected facilities where our entire team focuses on relationships with culinary experts and customized product development. The Texas Food Brands team has a combined 200-plus years experience covering every aspect within the protein industry, processing protein items from farm to table.

Texas Food Brands develops food products both nationally as well as internationally for the food service, industrial, and retail sectors of the food industry. We are committed to providing exemplary products and specialize in items from raw ground beef, marinated beef, beef patties, portion and marinated chicken, fresh and frozen chicken, among many other items.

Along with our marinated products, we also utilize solution-only marinade, customer specification formulas, as well as IQF. Our value-added raw meats can be tailored to your specifications. If you need special aging, processing, or packaging, Texas Food Brands can produce it. Processing can also include raw, injected, or vacuum-tumble steaks and roasts.

Texas Food Brands quality and safety procedures include supplier approval programs, 3rd party audits, routine product audits, shipping programs, and robust traceability and tracking. Our ultimate goal is outstanding customer service, impeccable quality products, and innovative long lasting solutions.

A Farm to Table Network

Texas Food Brands is currently producing products in multiple plants as we specifically try to match up each customer with their individual production needs, as well as logistics, to provide the best overall quality, service, and pricing available. We currently sell to all major distributors and have customers located across the country.

Everything You Need in One Place

A lot of meat companies specialize in one species (beef, chicken, or pork) of protein. Our network of partner facilities and logistics allows Texas Food Brands to fulfill all three species to one customer, if so desired.

  • Raw Chicken
  • Raw Portion Chicken
  • Raw Chicken Diced Chicken
  • Raw Marinated Chicken
  • Fully Cooked Chicken - Portions, Strips, Diced, Shredded
  • Raw Box Beef
  • Raw Cut Steaks
  • Raw Cut Steaks
  • Raw Diced Beef
  • Raw Marinated Beef
  • Fully Cooked Beef - portioned, strips, diced, shredded
  • Ground Beef
  • Hamburger Patties
  • Cooked Taco Meat
  • Pork

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Thank you for your interest in Texas Food Brands. We take pride in our superior products and services and we look forward to sharing it with you! Please contact us today with questions or for additional information. We look forward to a future partnership!